Can UC San Diego alumni have online access to the databases, e-journals, and e-books from the library?

Due to publisher and copyright restrictions, the UC San Diego Library cannot sell or grant access remotely to the public, including UC alumni. Only current UC San Diego employees and students, and some emeritus faculty have off campus access.

Fortunately, there are alternative ways to locate and access research articles.

Check with the library or information center at your current work location to see how they can get you articles using Interlibrary loan or via document delivery from vendors such as Reprints Desk, or RightFind from the Copyright Clearance Center. Wisconsin TechSearch has fee-based database searching and article delivery services if your workplace has no library or information services.

The public libraries in California also license some article databases with full text content including newspapers and license considerable e-book content with some titles available as e-audio books..
See access links for San Diego area public libraries online content including how to obtain digital library cards.