Why can't I view a Wiley article or e-book ?

Make sure you are using UCSD Protected WiFi or VPN with 2-Step Secured allthruucsd setting.  Allow cookies and pop-out windows and tabs.

Update: October 3, 2021 - Wiley has all our IPv6 addresses. 
Still have problems? Wiley started checking for IPv6 addresses in mid September so if your computer, laptop, or device uses IPv6, that may be the issue.   Go to https://ipv6-test.com/ and if it says IPv6 is enabled, it is. 

Temporary workarounds until Wiley gets all our UCSD IPv6 addresses registered:

1.  Go to UC Library Search and find the article citation.  If it says the article is available on Ebsco or Proquest database in addition to Wiley, get the article on the non-Wiley site.

2.   Change your settings in Firefox to disable IPv6  https://techglimpse.com/disable-enable-ipv6-firefox-chrome-browser/  

3. If you are more tech-savvy you may disable IPv6 entirely on your PC, Mac, or device.  Illinois has how to steps for Windows 10 if you want to go that route and you are comfortable changing settings on your PC. https://answers.uillinois.edu/uis/page.php?id=99981

4. If none of those work AND you are a current UCSD student, faculty, staff working remotely, then you may Ask Us for the article or chapter and we'll retrieve it from a computer that doesn't have IPv6 enabled.