Learn How to Request Books, Articles, and More

Request books, articles, and more with your library account through UC Library Search.

Request Physical Items

When logged into your Library Account, you will have the option to request the items physically or digitally.

  1. Find in UC Library Search and click on it's title to view the full record
  2. Select Get It from the menu on the left to jump down to request options
  3. Select Request to request the physical item; you will be able to select which location you would like to pick up the items from before finalizing your request.

See the video below for a walkthrough of the process.

You will receive an email when requested items are available for pickup. Items will be placed on the self-service hold shelf at the location you indicate for 7 days. Items are arranged on the hold shelf alphabetically by the requestor’s last name.

Request a Chapter or Article Scan

For physical items at the UC San Diego Library, students, faculty, and staff can request a scan of a book chapter or article by use the physical item's record in UC Library Search and selecting the Digitization link.

All other UC San Diego Library cardholders can place requests by submitting a Request.

San Diego Circuit

UC San Diego Library cardholders also have access to the wide variety of books beyond our campus through the San Diego Circuit Consortium. To access Circuit, users should log into UC Library Search. Once an item has been searched, users can select the “Search in Circuit” option in the Request area to be directed to the Circuit Catalog to complete the request. Items generally arrive in 3-5 business days and checkout for 28 days.
Note that books from SDSU must be requested via Interlibrary loan between March 15th and May 7th.

Interlibrary Loan

For the items not owned by UC San Diego Library, current UC San Diego students, faculty and staff can request them through Interlibrary Loan. Turnaround times for interlibrary loan requests vary depending on item availability and shipping times. There are three options for placing requests:

  • Option 1: Find items in UC Library Search and choose the Request through Interlibrary Loan link.
  • Option 2: Search one of the databases to find books or articles and place request using Get it at UC. Devices must be connected to the campus network for full-text access to Library-subscribed and purchased resources.
  • Option 3: Use the Request Form if you do not have a complete citation. The ILL office will assist with submitting the complete request.