Find Supplies

Looking for a whiteboard? Need whiteboard markers? A pencil? A stapler? Some earplugs?
A variety of supplies are available at Geisel and WongAvery Library Service Hubs.

The Geisel and WongAvery Library Service Hubs provide a variety of supplies.

Personal handheld and larger rolling whiteboards are available for use throughout both library buildings. Wall-mounted whiteboards are available in most study rooms as well as the Brody Collaborative Study Space (Geisel West, 1st Floor). Grab and Go whiteboard markers and erasers are available at the Geisel and WongAvery Service Hubs. Please return markers and erasers before leaving the Library.

Document Assembly
Staplers, staple removers, and hole punches are available near printers in both library buildings.

Other Supplies
Pencils and earplugs are available at both Service Hubs. Scissors and tape are available upon request from Service Hub staff. Guillotine-style paper cutters are available in the Geisel West Commons (main floor) and near the entrance of WongAvery Library.

For any questions or concerns, please see Service Hub staff or contact us at libraryborrowing@ucsd.edu.